Becoming an Effective myMISSION Leader

Just because someone has been a leader for a long time doesn’t mean she has arrived. All leaders can learn, grow, and develop. Leadership training is offered through state WMUs. Classes are now provided through Develop, WMU’s online, on-demand leadership training. We want you to be an effective Christian leader through your leadership role with myMISSION.

Being effective means producing the desired results. As a myMISSION leader, you want your group to learn more about missions, give to missions, and do missions. It is the leader’s responsibility to continually and clearly keep this vision at the forefront.

  1. Take time to set goals for the year with your WMU leadership team. Make certain each goal will help you learn about, give to, or do missions. Take advantage of the suggestions and resources provided in myMISSION Leader to chart the course for your group.
  2. Develop action steps to ensure the goals are met. List what needs to be done and ask who will plan or lead the various events or activities.
  3. Make sure you schedule monthly times of evaluation. Review the various events or activities and ask, “How did this activity help our group to learn more about missions? In what ways did we do missions this month? How much did we give to missions this month?”
  4. Be willing to adjust your plans to better meet your goals and produce the desired results.

Being effective requires great focus. The leader is tasked with providing this focus. Be steadfast in consistently holding up your group’s mission in word and in action

Start becoming an effective leader by reading Joyce Mitchell’s book, Teams Work, on team building! If you have just a couple of people who are interested in missions, you can form and lead a group to encourage others to be radically involved in the mission of God.

*Adapted from Women on Mission Leader, “Becoming an Effective Christian Leader” by Clella Lee (Fall 2015).


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