The Cyclone

The email from the embassy should have been our first clue. Rumors of cyclone seasons of past were quickly turning into reality. After watching the weather and talking with other missionaries, we decided to stay put. A little rain in the dry land of Tulear would be nice!

Two days in, as I ran around the house putting buckets under leaks, I wondered if staying was the right choice. Electricity had been cut the moment the rains started and the wind gusts were powerful enough to blow a person down. When it finally stopped, and we stepped outside, I realized how selfish my thoughts had been.

Our home was standing but the Malagasy ones were destroyed. Our lives were inconvenienced but theirs were devastated. I had never seen such destruction in all of my life. Families had lost loved ones in the flash flooding. The small amounts of rice or vegetables they had were gone. The homes that held their few possessions were washed away. My eyes filled with tears, and my heart was flooded with grief. What could we do? How could we help?

Baptist Global Response had our team up and going with ministry buckets as quickly as possible. We filled these buckets with rice, beans, candles, tarps, and Scripture. I got to see first hand how Global Hunger Relief works in emergency situations. It was overwhelming to know that people stateside had given money months beforehand so it could be accessed in times of need like our people were currently in. After getting the buckets filled, we transported them to our local partner churches. Hearing the stories of distribution and times of prayer over these families was an incredible thing to partake in.

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Nickolee Roberts is a wife, momma, blogger, kindergarten teacher, and former international missionary, saved by His grace and believing that God will be glorified.​

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