Different Is Good!

What does it mean to be a leader? I think it can mean many different things. I’ve had the privilege of starting 2 different myMISSION groups and have loved every minute of it! I lived in Seattle, Washington for a few years—that was where I started my first group. I now live in Birmingham, Alabama, and I just helped to start another group. They are very different from each other but I’m loving it . . . I said that already, right?

Different is good. I’m learning that God is doing something different in each of our lives and that our groups can reflect that amazing collage. So many different colors and shapes, different callings and places in life, different opportunities, different ways of growing—different is good!

We recently had a BYOLnJ party—bring your own lunch and journal. It was really not about the journals, just a place to jumpstart the conversation about how we are growing. Some didn’t use journals. Some used them occasionally. Some had just started. All different, all good. The main thing is that we were encouraging each other in what we had in common—a desire to grow closer to God and closer to each other. Our myMISSION group is growing in faith, community, and missions. We simply talk about each of these things and encourage each other with what God is already doing. It helps us to take that next step if we know we are not alone.

Being a leader sometimes is really about being a listener—listening to God and others, prayerfully recognizing what He is doing in someone’s life, and calling out the next step. Being there for one another as we take those steps can make all the difference in the world. It can have an eternal impact. May we lead, listen, and look for opportunities to be on mission together today. 

Laura Harper is a new ministry consultant at WMU. She loves her family, coffee, chocolate, and all things missions. 

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