Eight Things You Need to Know About Lottie Moon

Many people in our Baptist churches ask each year, “Who is Lottie Moon?” Others have been giving money in her honor for so many years they ask, “When will ‘the debt’ to her ever be paid?”

Let’s learn a few things about Lottie Moon.

  1. She was 4’9” tall.
  2. Before she became a Christian while in high school, she missed required chapels 26 times.
  3. She loved to pull pranks on others and when asked what the “D” meant for her middle name, she replied, “Devil.”
  4. She was appointed to China as a missionary at age 33.
  5. She served for 39 years in China.
  6. She had several nicknames while there—foreign devil, foreign lady teacher, heavenly book visitor, and the cookie maker. (She tried to win the hearts of the children and families who were frightened of her by making cookies.)
  7. She led in the campaign to end the torturous practice of bound feet. (The Chinese believed small feet made a woman more beautiful.) The girl’s feet were bound tightly with cloth; so tightly they could hardly walk. Infections, gangrene, and even death were common side effects of this practice.
  8. At the end of her career, famine, flood, and war encircled her China and her friends were starving. In her final act of empathy, she stopped eating and gave all her food away. Her friends realized how sick she was, and they put her on a boat to come back to the United States. When her friends in the US went to the dock to greet her after so many years, her friends received a small urn of ashes. She had died on Christmas Eve.

We give today in honor of her work and sacrifice to keep our missionaries on the field. One hundred percent of the offering goes to the missionaries, none to administration.

Some people complain because the gift comes at Christmas when there are so many other expenses. This is what she said about that, “Need it be said why the week before Christmas is chosen? Is not the festive season, when families and friends exchange gifts in memory of The Gift laid on the altar of the world for the redemption of the human race, the most appropriate time to consecrate a portion from abounding riches and scant poverty to send forth the good tidings of great joy into all the earth?”

How will you respond today to the billions that have never heard the name of Jesus?

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