How to Start and Grow a myMISSION Group

Let’s face it. Young women are not lining up to join a missions group. Some may have never even been in a missions group or ever thought about actually joining together with other young women who share their missions passion.

You can change that. Here are some tips for starting a group and keeping it interesting.

  1. Just start! Go to and click on the How to Get Started video. Discover what myMISSION is about, resources available, and who to contact if you have questions.
  2. Hang out. Invite the younger women at your church to bring a snack and hang out at your place at a specific time. Get to know each other missionally. Intentionally ask any who have been on a missions trip or done a missions project to briefly tell about the experience and how it changed her. Discuss what types of missions projects the others are passionate about. As you gauge the missions heartbeat of the other women, you’ll know how to uniquely frame your myMISSION group.
  3. Involve everyone. Discover the giftedness of the other women who want to join you on this missions journey. Ask those who are organized to contact the locations for missions projects and handle the logistics. Call on the women of prayer to consider creative, thoughtful ways to engage the group in praying for missionaries, missions, and each other. Ask those who like to learn and teach to share information about missionaries using a variety of sensory experiences. Support each other and have fun!
  4. Keep current. Know what is going on in the world of missions in the United States and around the world. Connect with your community and discover ways to minister in the name of Jesus. Listen to God’s leadership and hold each other accountable.


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