The Not-So-Easy Commission

When Jesus left his disciples with the Great Commission, nowhere in his verbiage did he say or did he even hint what he was asking them to do would be easy.

Jesus knew the sins of humankind. He knew that sharing the gospel would lead to discrimination, imprisonment, and death for these bold few He called.

Of course he knew. He had just experienced a tortuous death of his flesh.

The call to share the name of Jesus to the ends of the earth will always take sacrifice. It is not a call where we can sit within our comforts and delights and be effective in reaching out. Oftentimes in our lives, when God calls us to be bold and share His love, it comes at a cost.

Changing routines. Moving communities. Giving up money. Giving of our time. And for some, moving to distant lands.

We must begin loosening our grip on our time, finances, and family, in order to allow space for the kingdom at work to move.

We migrate to moments in life where we begin to love the world and share the love of Jesus with people around us. Over time, it becomes a lifestyle we grow committed to. The results will not be quick, and I think that’s where, as the body, we can grow weary in persevering toward this call.

But don’t lose heart, my faithful friend. God, Who has called you, is faithful, present, and consistent. He will be the Shepherd guiding you through each season.

Keep loving that neighbor who is sometimes hard to love. Keep being aware of the world and needs around you, even when it breaks your heart. Keep taking steps toward people who seem to push away.

You are called to share the life-changing news of Jesus—and He will never leave you in this call. He promises to be with you until the very end.

Abi Khavari traveled the world, writing for a non-profit agency in the Middle East. She now lives in Colorado, got married recently, and is starting her masters degree in counseling this spring.





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