One by One

I want to know a little bit about your myMISSION group. Are you reaching new women each month? Have you reached a plateau? Are you in decline? Are you helping women match their God-given talents with the needs of the community in which they are planted? Are you on the lookout for those opportunities? Are you using myMISSION Leader along with Missions Mosaic for creative ways to share missions information and ideas for missions projects?

I started a new missions group last year. I’d like to tell you that we are a large group, but that is just not the case. We are a small group of seven or eight. We have other women who weave in and out joining us for various missions projects. And sometimes we have as few as three of us who meet together.

However, I’ve learned that sometimes less is best. Smaller groups allow us to make friends and share what God has done in our lives. As we move out to do missions, a handful of women is less formidable than a large group. Even if we had a large group of women who came together, I’d break them down into small groups to head out to do missions. I believe in the power of small.

As a leader, I keep reminding myself that the women I lead will invest in what speaks to the passions of their hearts. They want to pour into the lives of others. They want to go where lost people are. They want to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the world. We can help them do that in our myMISSION groups no matter the size. We can share what missionaries are doing around the world and help them have similar missions involvement right where they live. We can broaden their vision of the world outside themselves. We do it one woman at a time.

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