Show and Tell

Do you remember being in preschool/kindergarten and having “show and tell” day? I can recall Friday mornings being an exciting day to take my special “item” to school to share with my classmates.

Each week though it never failed, right before my turn to stand in front of the class and share I would get butterflies in my stomach. I would get nervous, afraid I would stumble over my words or that my classmates would think my item wasn’t “cool” enough. When that happened, I forgot all about my motivation for choosing that special item because I was consumed by fear and failure.

Sharing Christ with someone can be much like “show and tell.” The thought of an opportunity to share the impact of Jesus in our life can be very exciting. We begin recalling those “ah-ha” moments when certain pieces of our journey to accept salvation became very real and “clicked”: when we accepted that the only way to God the Father was through His Son, Jesus Christ. We get excited thinking about how our lives are changed when we embrace grace, accept forgiveness, and pursue a life that brings honor and glory to God.

But wait . . . doesn’t there seem to be a step that we get hung up on in between the excitement of God working in our lives and sharing that joy with someone else? This is where it’s like show and tell all over again. We experience fear of how to begin the conversation, fear of how we will sound and of how we will be looked at afterwards. These thoughts cause us to slam on the brakes when we think about sharing Jesus with someone else.

Let’s be honest here, who would be the one to put these fears in our head? I will give you three guesses and I am pretty certain you won’t need all three tries to figure it out. Satan does not want us sharing our faith with anyone. He will stop at nothing to put any and every obstacle in the way to prevent and discourage us from doing so.

John 10:10 reads, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (NIV). I can affirm that when God places an opportunity to share Who He is in your life and provides the open door to talk about salvation with someone, He also gives you the confidence to open your mouth and fills your lips with His words to speak.

May we remember the joy and hope we have in Christ and, like a good movie we’ve seen, recommend Him to someone who’s looking. 

Jenn is a wife and mother of two boys and one girl, she enjoys putting puzzles together with her kiddos, watching reruns of Friends with her hubby, and trying new recipes. She has a passion for encouraging women to live on mission. She also writes of the adventures with her “people” (children), at

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