A Small Me in a Big World

SPOILER ALERT: For anyone who hasn’t heard, the Tooth Fairy is not real. When I was seven years old, I demanded the truth from my can’t-keep-a-secret grandmother. Although I had been suspicious, the Tooth Fairy revelation changed the way I viewed my tiny world. I realized I had not fully understood something, and I needed to shift my perspective.

Fast-forward 13 years, and my perspective on life continues to expand. College makes you realize that you’re a little person in a very big world. You become aware of serious social issues, extreme poverty, and people groups still unreached by the gospel. You come to the sobering realization that you can’t fix all of the world’s problems. However, the real question is not what can’t you do, but what can you do.

1. Educate yourself.

Sometimes it is hard to relate to people who are different from us. As Christians, we can’t write off people groups around the world because they’re from a different culture or background. Instead of ignoring what we don’t understand, we need to dig deeper. The more we understand, the more we can tell them about Jesus.

2. Find your passion.

Instead of overwhelming yourself with a hundred different charities, find a cause that you’re passionate about. Maybe you care about providing families and missionaries with clean water through Pure Water, Pure Love. Or maybe you want to prevent young women from getting involved in human trafficking. Ask God to place a specific mission on your heart!

3. Do something.

It doesn’t have to be drastic. Take the money from one shift at work and donate it to an organization. Host a WorldCrafts party before the Christmas season is in full swing. Invite your friends over for an hour of coffee and prayer.

Jesus said, “And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward” (Matt. 10:42 NIV). Jesus asks us to give, no matter how much or how little we have to offer.

Rachel Sinclair writes from Birmingham, Alabama, and loves to share people’s stories. Contact her at rsinclai@samford.edu.

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