Taking Christmas on the Road

Our group had just been formed two months before Christmas when I threw out the idea of taking a Christmas program to an assisted living facility. With all the rush in December, I was surprised when they jumped on it. The emails and texts flew as we began assigning tasks.

The Saturday morning arrived. One of our members brought her whole family—husband and 2 preschool children. Another mom who heard about the project drove over with her 2 young children as well. We had all ages who gathered that day.

Once the residents gathered, we began by singing some familiar Christmas carols. One of our members read the Christmas story from the Bible. I took the picture book, The Legend of the Candy Cane, and read it to the residents as one of our members’ daughter turned the pages so that everyone could see. Afterwards we talked about the symbolism in the story (which really is more suited for the adult residents’ understanding than for children) and the reminder of God’s love for us at Christmas through this simple candy.

We had pre-bagged cut pipe cleaners along with red and white beads for each resident. The children scurried over to the table to collect the bags and begin to pass them to residents. They helped the ones with sight problems or arthritic hands make their candy canes and then turned to making a candy cane for themselves.

Finally, we distributed edible candy canes and asked the residents to share this candy cane with another resident and tell him or her the story of Christmas and why we celebrate.

Our little missions project took maybe 30 to 45 minutes from start to finish. But I can tell you it was a highlight of my Christmas season—a simple, fun, and easy way to share the gospel. You can’t just assume that all elderly people are Christians!

To whom will your group be taking Christmas this year? The myMISSION Leader has an easy Advent idea on page 4 that could be taken on the road too!

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