Why? When? How Come?

I just love when my children ask me questions that I am required to delicately think of age-appropriate answers for (sense the sarcasm?). Children have no filter so a Mama has to always be on her toes. There have been times when their questions make me smile, like when my five-year-old wanted to know why his athletic shorts did not have a protective cup like his eight-year-old brother’s. He stated he was not going to play baseball without having one himself.

Then there are the more serious questions like when my mother was involved in a serious accident earlier this year and my boys wanted to know if Grandma was going to walk again? I did not have a definite answer to give, but my five-year-old did. He proudly spoke up and said, “If Grandma has to be in a wheelchair then we will get Daddy to build her a ramp so she can get in our house.” His precious heart was so overwhelmed with the circumstances and trying to figure out the future that he was seeking to find a solution.

I believe compassion is a trait that cannot be taught; it is learned through observation and from personal experiences. Compassion is an empathy that is expressed outwardly. As mothers, I hope we are aware of how we model compassion because our children are observing us. I appreciate the rawness and realness that my children display. I never have to guess if their responses are genuine because at this point in their lives they speak it like they see it.

We have much to learn from these little ones. May we too speak words of encouragement, hope, and support to those whom God places in our path who are in need of compassion. I pray that you will ask God to use the “rut” going on in your life now for His will and to His glory. He is refining you (and me) and in time you will be on the other side, able to look back and see how God used this time in your life.

"Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience" (Colossians 3:12 NIV).

Jenn is a wife and mother of two boys and one girl, she enjoys putting puzzles together with her kiddos, watching reruns of Friends with her hubby, and trying new recipes. She has a passion for encouraging women to live on mission. She also writes of the adventures with her “people” (children), at www.adventureswithmypeople.wordpress.com.

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