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Would you describe your myMISSION group as predictable? What if your group never knew what to expect next? Does your group meet at a location in your church or do you meet in a home? My preference is meeting in a home. It makes me feel more relaxed and better able to connect. It’s a warmer atmosphere if I’m inviting someone to come along for the first time with me. Ask your group members what their preference is.

Ever thought of taking your meeting on the road? How about meeting in a coffee shop occasionally? Sometimes my team leader at work would announce that our monthly team meeting was going to be at a nearby coffee shop. We would get our hot drinks, gather around, and accomplish much. Sometimes someone at another table would comment on our meeting or ask questions of one of us. What if the patrons overheard about the work of a missionary or parts of a missional Bible study? What if they listened in as you prayed?

I must admit, though, that sometimes it is easier to meet at the church. If our group is putting together something for a missions project, it is helpful to have tables to spread materials out on. Logistically it just works better. Then we all pitch in to clean things up after we’re finished.

While we’re talking about meetings, what do you do for child care? Does your church provide it for you? Or do you bring your children with you? We’ve found that missions projects are great ways to involve our children with us. We did that last year with a missions project we did at an assisted living facility. It worked seamlessly and we had one or two women show up with their children who are not normally a part of our group. That project was so successful we have it on our calendar to do again this year in a different location.

Some groups meet on Saturday mornings when most dads are home and can watch the children. I know of a group that meets at 8:30 a.m. once a month on Saturdays. The meetings are over in an hour or an hour and a half and everyone has the bulk of her day to do whatever she chooses.

Change things up. Keep your group guessing. They’ll come back because they’ll never know what to expect next.

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