Missionary Spotlight Update: Lorna Bius

Lorna Bius in Clarkston, Georgia

“I am so thankful for the love of Christ in my life, and I love to tell others about Him,” said Lorna Bius, a Send Relief missionary who shows and shares Christ’s love with refugees every day in her community of Clarkston, Georgia.

She meets her neighbors and serves needs as she sees them. Her neighbors often ask her questions, and she is able to talk with them about her faith. “I go to places so I can be with people who don’t know the Lord. I love going to community events and shops to meet people,” Bius said. She goes to apartments and spends time with families who love the Lord too. Together they spend time with their neighbors and talk with them about Jesus.

One day, Bius was at one of her favorite Clarkston restaurants. The owner came and sat with her while she ate. “We were able to talk about the challenges and dreams she has as a restaurant owner.” The next time Bius was there, she and a friend were the first customers of the day. As the owner set out chairs and opened the blinds, they talked about the day ahead. “She suddenly stopped and came to our table. She reached out for our hands and asked if I would pray for her. It was a joy to do so.”

Pray for Bius as she works with other Christians to share Christ’s love with the many refugees who come to Clarkston to settle.

Lorna Bius is featured in the November 2018 Missions Mosaic Missionary Spotlight article.

Charlotte Watson lives in Georgetown, Texas, where she seeks to know God more and know His plan for her retirement years.

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