Missionary Spotlight Update: Nate and Aimee Friedrichsen

Nate and Aimee Friedrichsen and sons

One of Nate and Aimee Friedrichsen’s prayer requests was “for people in Ohio City who have no Christian friends to have believing friends because our church made intentional connections. We aspire for City Church to be a healthy, gospel-preaching church presence.”

To achieve that goal, City Church has instituted a pastoral internship whereby participating individuals will consider their call to ministry, gain clarity on their personal strengths and weaknesses, and create a path toward pursuing vocational ministry. According to Nate, through field experience, this internship provides a venue within the local church wherein these goals can be pursued.

Continuing Prayer Needs

  • The Friedrichsen family deeply connects with other families in the neighborhood. Cleveland has the highest suicide rate among high schoolers in the country; they want to love families with students.
  • City Church wants to grow and reflect the demographics of the neighborhood. Pray it connects with more black and Hispanic neighbors. Pray church members can interact with older and younger neighbors and low-income, less educated, homeless, and addicted neighbors. The Friedrichsens desire that God would use them to reach not just a niche but a neighborhood.

Nate and Aimee Friedrichsen are featured in the May 2019 Missions Mosaic Missionary Spotlight article.

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