The Beauty of God’s World in Sweden

When I think of the landscape of Sweden, I think of the mountain peaks, beautiful valleys, and rocky islands of the coastline. This month as we learn about missions work in Sweden, God’s Creation is the Christian concept area in which we are focusing in Mission Friends. June is a wonderful time to focus on God’s Creation, and Sweden has so much natural beauty to help us teach this concept to preschoolers.

  • For Babies, Ones, and Twos, make the nature book to use throughout the month. (See suggestion in Mission Friends Leader, p. 10). Twos can make the book, or make the book beforehand to use with babies and ones. Place the pages in zip-lock bags and secure the bags together for a nature book that you can wipe clean.
  • Add props to the Blocks area to encourage preschoolers to think about the various landscapes of Sweden as they build.
  • Search online for nature pictures of Sweden. Show preschoolers the pictures on your smartphone or tablet, or print out pictures to post in interest areas of the classroom.
  • Say the Bible thoughts, God made the world (see Acts 17:24) and Everything God made was very good (see Gen. 1:31). Use these Bible thoughts as preschoolers look at pictures and do activities to learn about God’s Creation.
  • Take your Art interest area outside one week for a different way of experiencing the activity.
  • Focus on the activities suggested for the Nature interest area each week and relate these to the Moench’s work in Sweden.
  • Consider having Group Time outside. Point out the things in nature that God made by playing “I spy.” Say, “I spy something green (blue, brown, etc.) that God made.”
  • When outside, play a listening game to name what preschoolers can hear in nature (birds singing, wind blowing leaves, etc.).
  • As you read God’s Beautiful World with preschoolers, ask them to point out the things in God’s world they might see in Sweden.

Throughout this month, use the planned activities and teachable moments to guide preschoolers in learning of the wonders of God’s creation. As they learn about God’s creation in Sweden, preschoolers will learn that God made the world and the things He made are wonderful.

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