Encouraging Kindergartners to Use Language Skills

As we sat together to share reading from a preschool book, I read the words aloud and the kindergartner interjected when we came to a word he knew. Kindergartners are beginning to learn the fundamentals of reading and writing. Throughout the year, these skills will increase. Mission Friends teachers can encourage kindergartners to use these skills in learning about missions. Separate session plans are provided for kindergarten within Mission Friends Leader in order to use their increasing skills. Know where your kindergartners are as they learn to read and write, and choose activities in which they can use these newfound skills. Following is a list of general ideas for learning about missions through these skills.

  • Write out the Bible thoughts so kindergartners can see the printed words.

  • Make charts with kindergartners about the missions area, such as Alike and Different.

  • Print signs for structures kindergartners build in the Blocks area.

  • Encourage kindergartners to write the missionary’s name on their artwork as a reminder to pray. Write the name out for kindergartners to follow on their own papers.

  • Provide missions storybooks recommended in Mission Friends Leader for the sessions. Give opportunities for kindergartners to hear the stories and also read the stories to you. Provide words when a kindergartner gets stuck.

  • Make books with kindergartners, such as a book about the missions area. Kindergartners may dictate the words to you, and later will be able to write some words themselves.

  • Make a storyboard about the mission story from Group Time. Kindergartners can draw pictures for each part of the story.

  • Use word games from the items for Kindergarten in the Mission Friends Resource Kit and Pictures.

  • Make word puzzles using the Bible thoughts, missions area, or missionary names.

  • Write lists of words, such as foods or things we see in the missions area.

  • Post a chart of your word list.

  • Match simple words from the language of people in the missions area.

  • Provide pencils and paper for kindergartners to use in drawing and writing about the missionary or missions area.


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