Give Them Jesus

In choir practice we rehearsed the song that we will sing this Sunday, the traditional hymn “Give Me Jesus.” As we practiced this song, I thought of how appropriate it is to sing this song in the month that we focus on the Christian concept area Jesus in Mission Friends. In Philippians 2:9, Paul says that Jesus is “the name that is above every name.” We have the privilege and joy of sharing the name of Jesus with our Mission Friends®, and helping them know our Jesus.

To help you focus on the Christian concept area Jesus:

  • Read the column for this concept area on the Christian Concept Areas chart, Mission Friends Guide for Leaders, page 44.
  • Help your preschoolers understand that Jesus loves all people and wants us to love each other.
  • Talk about Jesus’ love. Tell preschoolers of ways Jesus showed love to others. Talk about Jesus as a friend and a helper.
  • Repeat Bible thoughts about Jesus throughout the Mission Friends sessions, such as Jesus loves you (see John 15:12); Jesus said, “You are my friends” (see John 15:14); and Tell people about Jesus (see Matt. 28:19).
  • Explain that Mr. and Mrs. Her and the people at Hmong Gospel Baptist Church love Jesus and share His love with others.
  • Use items about Jesus from the Mission Friends Resource Kit and Pictures. These items will help in teaching about Jesus: kit item 9, “Book: The Story of Jesus,” and kit item 11, “Jesus Matching Game.”
  • Find pictures about Jesus in outdated Sunday School or VBS materials.
  • Tell preschoolers that some people do not know Jesus, and missionaries like Mr. and Mrs. Her go to tell people about Jesus.
  • Sing old, familiar preschool songs about Jesus, such as “Jesus Loves Me.” Sing new words to familiar tunes as you use songs about Jesus from Sing to the Tune, pages 14–16.
  • As you do the Helping Others activity this month, tell preschoolers that Jesus wants us to do good things for others.

During this month, give Jesus to your Mission Friends preschoolers. You can give them Jesus by repeating His name often. Show Jesus’ love to your preschoolers through your words, attitudes, and actions. Guide them to know how good it is to know that Jesus loves me.

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