God Hears the Prayers of Preschoolers

God hears me when I pray

“Tell all the Mission Friends to keep praying.” These were the words we heard from missionary, Tobey Pitman, after hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. I do not think it was by coincidence that Mission Friends® featured Tobey and Cathy Pitman as our missionaries that August. Preschoolers learned all month about New Orleans and the Pitmans’ ministries to the people of New Orleans. Immediately after the devastation of the hurricane, Mission Friends leaders from across the country contacted WMU with concerns about the Pitmans. Their preschoolers had heard about the flooding in New Orleans, and the preschoolers were asking about Mr. and Mrs. Pitman. The leaders told us their preschoolers were praying for the Pitmans. When we heard from Tobey Pitman and told him all the Mission Friends were asking about them, his response was to “tell all the Mission Friends to keep praying.” What a difference it made to these missionaries to know our preschoolers were praying. This is why I believe that God hears the prayers of our preschoolers.

A missionary family served in another country where it takes years to see the fruit of their labor for Christ. They felt isolated and discouraged, and even questioned if this was the place where God would have them continue to serve. Then they were the missionaries in Mission Friends one month, and started receiving pictures and cards from Mission Friends groups. Mission Friends drew pictures and the leaders wrote, “We are praying for you.” Through this encouragement and knowing our preschoolers were praying, the missionaries had a renewed sense of confirmation that God wanted them to continue serving in that place. This is why I believe that God hears the prayers of our preschoolers.

I watched as my friend opened the large manila envelope and pulled out many pieces of construction paper. Some were folded into cards. Some were decorated with stickers. All had drawings by preschoolers in crayons or markers. My friend served as a missionary with the International Mission Board, and was now on stateside assignment. She was the featured missionary just a couple months before in Mission Friends. She received the big envelope of all the cards and notes from all those preschoolers when she arrived stateside. I saw her laughter, smiles, and a few tears as she looked at the preschoolers’ drawings. On many of the pages, the leaders had written, “We prayed for you.” I saw how truly touched this missionary was to know of the prayers from all of the preschoolers. This is why I believe that God hears the prayers of our preschoolers.

We teach our preschoolers the Bible thought, God hears me when I pray (see Psalm 66:19). I think that preschoolers are near and dear to God’s heart, and He listens to them as they pray. We can lead them to learn to pray by saying Bible thoughts about prayer, reading Always Remember to Pray, and leading preschoolers to pray for missionaries. Teaching our preschoolers to pray is one of the most important things we can do as preschool teachers. When preschoolers pray for missions, God listens  and makes an impact in the missionaries’ lives and the people with whom they serve. God hears the prayers of our preschoolers.

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