9 Ways to Find New Leaders

Teaching Preschoolers

How do I find new Mission Friends leaders? You might be adding another Mission Friends class or splitting an already crowded class and need new leaders as soon as possible. A teacher has moved or an illness prevents a teacher from serving. You might be looking ahead to the new church year in the fall, and this is the time of year when you start searching for leadership. We share 9 different ways to find the new leaders you need.

  1. Start with prayer! Ask for God’s guidance to the persons He is calling to lead preschoolers in missions awareness and involvement.

  2. Former preschool Sunday School teachers Look for persons who taught preschoolers in Sunday School, but have gone back into an adult Sunday School class. They may be interested in teaching Mission Friends at a different time if this allows them to stay in their adult class.

  3. College students Ask college students in your church to serve as Mission Friends teachers. This gives them an avenue of serving, helps them feel they are part of the church body, and utilizes their gifts.

  4. Retired persons Invite retired persons to influence a new generation by teaching preschoolers in Mission Friends.

  5. Single persons Many singles are willing to help if they are asked. Let them know who will teach alongside them, or ask them to suggest a friend who might teach with them.

  6. Men We typically think of women when looking for preschool teachers, but don’t forget the men in your church. Look for men who relate well with preschoolers, and ask them to serve.

  7. Social Media Take photos of your Mission Friends (with parent permissions) as they are involved in activities. Use photos to make a compelling notice on your church’s social media to invite persons to teach Mission Friends.

  8. Testimonies Give a testimony in a church service to tell what teaching Mission Friends means to you, or write a couple paragraphs to place in your church newsletter or website. Invite others to join you in this meaningful ministry.

  9.  Adult missions groups Ask the leaders of Women on Mission, myMISSION, or Adults on Mission to brainstorm names of persons in their groups who might serve as Mission Friends teachers. Ask to make a presentation in their missions group to tell of your experience in teaching Mission Friends.

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