The Bible Tells Me So

Use the Bible

The song we sing so often with preschoolers, “Jesus Loves Me,” speaks of the Bible. “Jesus loves me! this I know, For the Bible tells me so.”1 The Bible is how God makes Himself known to us, and because of this, it is a foundational concept area that we want to teach preschoolers.

During May, Bible is the Christian concept area in Mission Friends. These are the truths about the Bible to focus on this month as you teach your preschoolers.

  • The Bible tells about God’s love for us.
  • The Bible is true.
  • The Bible tells us about Jesus.
  • The Bible tells us to love and help others.


So how do we go about teaching preschoolers about the Bible when they cannot read yet? Use the Bible with your Mission Friends in the following ways.

  • Place the Bible in various interest areas of the room. Make the Bible available to use during activities.

  • Place the Bible where preschoolers can reach it and hold it themselves.

  • Hold the Bible for preschoolers to see while you say a Bible thought.

  • Use Bible thoughts listed in the side bar of each session in Mission Friends Leader.

  • Display the Bible poster from the Mission Friends Promotion Pack during the month. Say the Bible thoughts printed on the poster.

  • When using the Bible in Group Time, open the Bible to the Bible thoughts used.

  • Highlight or underline Bible thoughts in the Bible so preschoolers can see where these are written.

  • Run your finger along a verse as you say a Bible thought with preschoolers. This helps them make the connection that these are written in the Bible.

  • Use Bible thoughts related to the Christian concept area from the list of Bible thoughts in Free Downloads.

  • Sing songs about the Bible from Sing to the Tune, pages 17–19.

  • Tell preschoolers how the missionaries for this month use the Bible in their ministries. Mr. Friedrichsen teaches his neighbors about the Bible through a Bible study. Mrs. Friedrichsen teaches children stories from the Bible.

  • Be sure to use a whole Bible with both the Old Testament and New Testament. Bible story books are good to use as supplements, but preschoolers need to begin using the actual Bible.

  • Show preschoolers how to turn the pages carefully and take care of the Bible.

  • Review the column for Bible on the Christian Concept Area Chart, Mission Friends Guide for Leaders, page 44.

  • Be on the lookout for times when you can use conversation about the Bible with preschoolers.

As these teachable moments arise in Mission Friends, your preschoolers will come to know that the Bible is a special book that tells us of Jesus’ love.


1“Jesus Loves Me,” words by Anna B. Warner, music by William B. Bradbury. Public Domain

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