Celebrate Preschoolers!

Preschoolers learning

What do you love about preschoolers? It may be their energy, the questions they ask, or their willingness to try something new. It could be their laughter, their hugs, or their creativity. It very well might be that all of these things are wrapped up in one special group of people: preschoolers! Across our nation, we celebrate preschoolers especially during the Week of the Young Child (WOYC) which is April 16–20, 2018. At church we can celebrate the precious lives of preschoolers whom God places in our care. Think of 1 way that you can celebrate preschoolers, reach out to families, or show appreciation to preschool teachers during WOYC. We share some simple ideas for making this a great week to celebrate your preschoolers in Mission Friends.

  • Paint preschoolers’ handprints or trace around preschoolers’ hands on a length of butcher paper to make a banner. Write on the banner: Our preschoolers are learning about God’s love. Display the banner in the preschool hallway at church or beside the welcome area.

  • Take photos of preschoolers’ artwork to make a slide show display.

  • Write a list of ways your preschoolers have learned about missions this year. Include the list in your church newsletter or website.

  • Write thank-you notes to other preschool teachers in your church, such as Sunday School, music, TeamKid, or weekday teachers. Place a tea bag in each envelope with the thank-you notes.

  • Invite parents or caregivers of preschoolers to attend Mission Friends with their preschooler that week. Help parents see how their preschooler learns during Mission Friends.

  • Invite your pastor to tell the mission story during Group Time that week.

  • Give your church staff small bottles of bubbles. Ask them to go outside and blow bubbles during the week in celebration of preschoolers.

  • Record preschoolers singing the Mission Friends song (Sheet music here.) Play the video or audio recording in church that week.

  • Plan to do a Helping Others activity during WOYC to actively involve your preschoolers in doing or making something for others. See Mission Friends Leader, page 26, for suggestions.

We would like to see what you do for WOYC! Share photos and your story on the Mission Friends Facebook page. We hope you make WOYC a special time to celebrate preschoolers with gratefulness for all they bring to us as we teach.

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