Celebrating Mission Friends Teachers!

Preschoolers and teacher

As we celebrate preschoolers during Week of the Young Child, we also celebrate you for all you do as a Mission Friends teacher! Thank you for investing your time and efforts to teach preschoolers by doing all of these things.

  • Praying for preschoolers and their families.

  • Making each preschooler feel welcome in your Mission Friends class.

  • Collecting all of those paper-towel tubes or oatmeal boxes to use in activities.

  • Preparing for each session so preschoolers learn about the missionaries.

  • Sitting with preschoolers so you can talk with them at eye level.

  • Picking up that interesting leaf or pinecone or rock for the Nature area.

  • Going the extra mile to check on a preschooler who has been absent.

  • Changing diapers of the younger Mission Friends.

  • Singing your favorite clean-up song to encourage preschoolers to help.Ÿ

  • Sharpening your storytelling skills as you tell the mission story each week.

  • Bringing papaya, coconut, or red beans and rice to taste foods from the missions area.

  • Calming the preschooler who is upset.

  • Mixing paint or the ingredients needed to make play snow or play dough.

  • Listening to a preschooler’s story about his day.

  • Guiding the preschooler who becomes angry.

  • Cleaning up the juice spills.

  • Saying Bible thoughts with activities.

  • Reading a book again for the tenth time.

  • Eating endless amounts of pretend food preschoolers have “cooked” for you.

  • Making sure each preschooler has a turn in the Group Time activity.

  • Finding clean clothes for the preschooler who has an accident.

  • Playing matching games or putting puzzles together with preschoolers.

  • Answering questions about the missionaries’ pictures.

  • Noticing when a preschooler does a task for the first time.

  • Carrying your tote bag of supplies from home.

  • Leading preschoolers to learn to pray for missionaries.

  • Planning Helping Others activities so your preschoolers can experience doing missions themselves.

  • Giving a reassuring word to a parent of a preschooler.

  • Loving each preschooler unconditionally.

We know that you do all these things and a thousand more as you lead preschoolers in missions learning. Thank you for teaching Mission Friends and giving of yourself each week so preschoolers learn about God’s love for them and all people. You are making a difference as you guide preschoolers toward God. Thank you for serving for His Kingdom purposes!

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