Easter with Your Preschoolers

Easter with Preschoolers

Easter is a time of joy and celebration. We are reminded of the price Christ paid for our sins on the cross and the power of His resurrection. We think about the empty tomb and the eternal life that God gives to us. For preschoolers, though, there is much about Easter that is beyond their understanding until later in their lives when they develop more abstract thought. There is also the temptation to focus on bunnies, colored eggs, and candy. How do we make Easter have meaning for preschoolers so they will grow toward God?

  • Place your focus on Jesus’ love for us. Read to preschoolers the Bible thought, Jesus said, “I love you” (see John 15:19).

  • ŸTell preschoolers Easter is a happy time to thank God for Jesus.

  • ŸTell Bible stories such as “Children Welcomed Jesus,” which is about Palm Sunday. With kindergartners, we begin telling them that Jesus died on the cross and is alive. The Bible story, “Jesus Is Alive!” is appropriate to use with kindergartners. The CSB Read to Me Bible has pictures along with these stories.

  • ŸAsk preschoolers to sing their favorite songs about Jesus.

  • ŸAvoid placing an emphasis on the Easter bunny at church. Mixing fantasy with reality can be confusing to preschoolers. We want them to know that Jesus is real, so focus on talking about Jesus and His love.

  • ŸPoint out the beauty of God’s creation at this time of year. Are there trees or flowers blooming in your area? Use these in your Nature area, along with the allergy alert chart.

  • ŸAsk preschoolers to tell you how their family celebrates Easter. Emphasize ways family members show love to one another.

  • ŸTalk with preschoolers about sharing God’s love with others. Involve them in doing a Helping Others activity to share God’s love with others. The Helping Others activities suggested for March and April in Mission Friends Leader are excellent for this time of year.

  • ŸTell preschoolers that missionaries celebrate Easter by telling others about Jesus and His love.

May Easter be a happy time to praise God! Help your preschoolers to be thankful for Jesus and His love!

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