Extending the Story: Always Remember to Pray

Always Remember to Pray

Using activities related to a story or book is a way of extending what preschoolers learn by giving them experiences connected to the story. When you read Always Remember to Pray, by Robin McCall, extend the story with activities related to prayer. Talk about prayer and tell preschoolers we are talking to God when we pray. Encourage preschoolers to think about ways they can pray at any time and any place. The following activities will extend the story and help preschoolers learn more about prayer.

  • Make your own class big book called Always Remember to Pray. On a large piece of construction paper, write When you are _______, always remember to pray. Ask preschoolers to fill in the blank with a word or phrase. Then ask preschoolers to tell you what words they would say to talk to God. Write their prayer on the page. Include more pages and encourage preschoolers to illustrate the pages. Staple the pages together into a book. Use the book in your Mission Friends® class in the Books area and read it at Group Time.

  • During Prayertime in Mission Friends, give each preschooler an opportunity to say something for which he is thankful. Make a Thankful list, and read the list through as a thank-you prayer to God.

  • Make a prayer reminder to help preschoolers remember to pray for the missionaries featured in the month. For example, during this month, trace around a preschooler’s hand on colorful paper and let him cut out the handprint. For younger preschoolers, teachers can cut out the traced hands. Write on the palm of the handprint, Pray for Doc and Dee Douglas as they work with the Deaf. Encourage preschoolers to place this on their refrigerator at home to remind them to pray for the special workers.

  • Make a flip book of prayer reminders for each day of the week. Gather 7 brightly colored index cards for each preschooler. Write a different day of the week on the cards in each set, from Sunday through Saturday. Punch holes at the top of the cards, and tie the sets together with yarn or book rings. Ask the preschooler to think of a different prayer request for each day of the week. The preschooler might list the names of his family, friends, church helpers, or missionaries featured in Mission Friends. Allow preschoolers to decorate the cards with stickers or markers. Each day the preschooler will flip a page over to show a prayer request for the day. Remind preschoolers of the Bible thought, Pray for one another (see James 5:16).

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