Extending the Story: I Like to Go to Church

An activity related to a story book helps preschoolers make connections to learn more from the book. In helping preschoolers learn about your church, read the downloadable book I Like to Go to Church. Take the ideas below and extend the story for more learning about your church and missions.

  • Take a walking field trip through your church. Have preschoolers take photos of different areas of the church, or take photos yourself with your preschoolers in the photos. Put the photos into a slide show for preschoolers to view, or print the photos to make a book about your church.

  • Make a chart with your preschoolers about helpers at your church. Use chart paper or poster board and draw a line down the middle to make 2 columns. In the left column, write church helpers’ names or use photos of church helpers. Ask preschoolers how that person helps people, and write their responses in the second column. Post the chart on the wall in your Books area for preschoolers to refer to when they read I Like to Go to Church again.

  • Put together a fruit basket, like the preschoolers do toward the end of I Like to Go to Church. Give the fruit basket to someone in your church as a Helping Others activity. Say to preschoolers: You are learning ways to help others too.

  • Sing songs about church from Sing to the Tune, pages 20 – 22. Lead preschoolers to make up a song about your church, using a familiar tune.

  • Guide preschoolers to interview a church helper. Beforehand, lead preschoolers to think of 3 – 4 questions to ask the person. Invite the church helper to visit your class, and allow the preschoolers to ask the questions. Use a voice messaging app to record the conversation. Let preschoolers listen to the recording at later times.

  • Open the Bible and read: I like to go to church (see Psalm 122:1). Say other Bible thoughts about the concept area of church listed in Bible Thoughts by Concept Area, available in Free Downloads on the Mission Friends website.

Activities to extend the story will help preschoolers understand the meaning of the words. Extending the story of I Like to Go to Church will lead your preschoolers to know more about ways your church helps others and shares God’s love with others. As you extend this story about church, help your preschoolers to know that people at my church love and care for me.

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