Extending the Story: Let’s Learn About . . .

Let's Learn About . . .

Get more out of the preschool missions storybooks in your Mission Friends® classroom by extending the stories with activities related to the books. This month we’ll share a few ways to extend the story for the book Let’s Learn About . . . by Angie Quantrell. Read the story to your Mission Friends class, and then follow up with these activities.

  • Make a poster to show what your preschoolers learn in Mission Friends. Take a photo of your class, as on page 6 of the book. Glue the photo at the top of the poster and then write, We learn about . . . Ask your preschoolers what they learn in Mission Friends, and write their responses on the poster. You might give them prompts such as asking: What do you know about the Bible?

  • As you read Let’s Learn About . . . , focus on the pages for the Christian concept area for the current month. Do an activity related to that Christian concept area. For example, Bible is the concept area for September. Read pages 10–11, then do an activity such as playing a Bible thought game. Sit in a circle with preschoolers and roll a toy car to a preschooler. Each child says the Bible thought as they roll the car to another friend.

  • Make a book together titled “What Is a Missionary?” Ask each preschooler to draw something a missionary does. Ask preschoolers: What is a missionary? Write the preschooler’s answer on his or her page. Collect the pages together into a book. Use the class book in Group Time as you talk about missionaries and ways they tell others about Jesus.

  • Start a scrapbook for the year to show what your preschoolers learn this year in Mission Friends. Include a page or 2 for each month by inserting a picture of the missionary or missions area. Ask preschoolers what they learned about the missionaries and write their statements on the scrapbook page. Include photos or descriptions of the Helping Others activities in which your Mission Friends participate. At the end of the year, display the scrapbook for parents and others in your church to be reminded of all your preschoolers have learned about missions throughout the year.

As you use the book Let’s Learn About . . . , we would like to hear of activities you use to extend the story. Share with us on Facebook!

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