Focus on God at Easter

God loves us always

Easter is a time to celebrate! We rejoice at Easter because we are reminded of God’s love for us and the gift of eternal life that He gives us through the death and resurrection of His Son. During April in Mission Friends, we focus on the Christian concept area of God. We can use this concept area with preschoolers during the Easter season as we help them learn about God.

  • Express to preschoolers that Easter is a time to be happy because God loves us.

  • Use the Bible thought, God loves us always (see Psalm 107:1). Say this Bible thought as you talk about the meaning of Easter.

  • Read the story “Jesus Is Alive!” and show the story picture in the Read to Me Bible.

  • Tell preschoolers that at Easter we are thankful that God sent Jesus.

  • Emphasize that God loves all people.

  • Express thanks to God for the beauty of His creation at this time of year.

  • At church, avoid mixing talk about the Easter bunny when talking about God and Jesus. Preschoolers have difficulty distinguishing fantasy from reality, and we want them to know that God is real.

  • Talk with preschoolers about sharing God’s love with others.

  • Tell preschoolers that the missionaries celebrate Easter by telling others about God’s love.

  • Display the poster for the concept area of God from the Mission Friends Promotion Pack during the month. Say the Bible thoughts printed on the poster.

  • Review the column for God on the Christian Concept Area Chart, Mission Friends Guide for Leaders, page 44. This gives the progression of what preschoolers can learn about God for Babies, Ones, and Twos; Threes and Fours; and Kindergarten.

  • Involve preschoolers in doing something special for others. Help them do the Helping Others activities suggested in Mission Friends Leader for April.

Celebrate Easter by rejoicing in God’s love. As you share His love with preschoolers, they become aware of His love for them and all people. May Easter be a joyous time of knowing how much God loves us!

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