Giving Support to Missionaries

Making a card

“We need to send my postcard to the family in Utah,” said 5-year-old Caroline one morning. When her mother, Lesli, went to get Caroline out of bed that morning, this was the first thing her daughter said. Caroline told Lesli of learning about the Kerns family in Mission Friends® the night before. Lesli and Caroline prayed for them and mailed the postcard Caroline decorated along with a note about their family. The Kernses sent back a note to thank Caroline for the encouragement, and included a picture of their family. Caroline’s church, Woodmont Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee, had just started Mission Friends that month. What a difference Mission Friends was already making with their preschoolers as they began learning about missions!

This a great example of how learning about missions leads to the responses of praying for missions and supporting missions. When we think of providing support to missionaries, we think of giving financially through our regular giving and special missions offerings. Supporting missions also includes providing personal ministries to missionaries and their families, such as sending postcards like Caroline sent to the Kerns. Below are several ideas of ways you can lead your Mission Friends in providing encouragement to missionaries.

  • ŸRead I Can Give with Mission Friends. Talk about the different ways we can give to others.

  • ŸTake a group photo of your Mission Friends to send to the missionaries featured for the month in Mission Friends. Find contact information on the Meet the Missionary pages in Mission Friends Leader. Take the photo when preschoolers are involved in an activity to learn about the missionary or missions area. Include a message of encouragement and let the missionaries know that your group prayed for them.

  • ŸMission Friends can draw pictures or make cards to send to the missionaries during the month.

  • ŸHave your Mission Friends bring items for a birthday party kit for the missionary’s children. Include party favors, birthday napkins, plates, and tablecloth.

  • ŸMake cards at holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day to send to missionaries.

  • ŸIf your church or association has a missionary house, have Mission Friends bring items to stock the food pantry or provide paper goods. Involve preschoolers in potting flowers or making a tissue flower arrangement to give the missionary family.

Supporting missions includes giving financially and giving in other ways, too. Even the simple things Mission Friends can do, like sending a postcard to a missionary, gives support and encouragement to missionaries as they serve and share Christ’s love with others. 

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