God’s Creation

Cinthy and Cliff Case

As preschoolers learn about missions work in the country of Chile during February in Mission Friends, they will also learn about God’s creation as the Christian Concept Area. I think it is appropriate to focus on God’s creation in learning about the people and country of Chile. This is a country of such vast differences in landscapes, and it serves as a great backdrop for teaching preschoolers of God’s creation. There are mountains, desert, and beaches within this long, thin country. This provides us many opportunities to talk about God’s creation as the area that we focus on spiritually with preschoolers.

Guide your preschoolers to know that God made the Earth, animals, and plants. He created the mountains, deserts, and beaches in Chile. Many of the activities during the month will help preschoolers focus on things in Chile that God made, such as glaciers, penguins, blueberries, and apples. In Session 4 there are activities about the night sky in Chile, and this gives you the opportunity to say that God created night and day. God also made the people who live in Chile, and many of these people do not know about Him and His love.

The missionaries for this month, Cliff and Cinthy Case, spend a lot of their time outside in God’s world. Many of their interactions with people happen in the midst of God’s creation as they lead soccer camps, participate on a swim team, and spend time hiking. These activities open doors for the Cases to talk about God with others and tell people that Jesus loves them.

We offer several resources to help you focus on God’s Creation as the Christian Concept Area for this month.

  • Mission Friends Resource Kit and Pictures: Several of the resource kit items are related to God’s creation, such as item 27, “Chile Nature Match.”

  • God’s Beautiful World / El Hermosa mundo de Dios: Download this inexpensive book for preschoolers to read in the Books area. They can view it on a tablet, or you can print the pages as a hard copy of the book.

  • Mission Friends Promotion Pack: Includes a color poster for each of the Christian Concept Areas. During this month, place the poster for God’s Creation in an interest area each week. Read to preschoolers the Bible thoughts included on the poster.

  • Bible Thoughts by Concept Areas: Use this handout to read over the Bible thoughts for the concept area of God’s creation. Familiarize yourself with the Bible thoughts recommended for the session in Mission Friends Leader. Say these with preschoolers as they are involved in activities.

  • Mission Friends Guide for Leaders: Review the truths preschoolers can learn about God’s creation on the Christian Concept Areas chart, pages 44-45.

Throughout this month, lead your preschoolers to think about the world God created and give thanks to Him. Looking at the wonderful things He made can help preschoolers feel a sense of awe for God. As preschoolers come to understand more about God’s creation, may they Give thanks to God and praise him (see Psalm 100:4).

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