Moving Up to Children’s Missions

You can probably tell that they aren’t kindergartners any more. Now these Mission Friends seem a little bit taller and wiser, and they are looking forward to becoming first-graders with the upcoming school year.

Soon your kindergarten Mission Friends will be moving up to children’s missions groups. Whether your church has Girls in Action (GA), Royal Ambassadors (RA), or Children in Action (CA), use the next few weeks as a time to help your kindergartens transition into the children’s missions groups.

  • Invite the leaders of the children’s missions organization to visit a session of Mission Friends to introduce themselves to the kindergartners.
  • Plan with the children’s missions leaders to involve kindergartners with the children’s groups to do a ministry activity together.
  • Pair a kindergartner with a child in GA, RA, or CA. The older children can act as a buddy or mentor to the younger child.
  • Talk about the activities the children do in children’s missions groups, such as RA Racers or GA Journey. Let children tell about the things they did to receive the badges and patches on their vests.
  • Give a copy of GA World or RA World to kindergartens during the summer to help them become familiar with these missions magazines for children.
  • Use the Mission Friends Promotion Certificate to give to each kindergartner as they move up into children’s missions.
  • If your church does not have children’s missions groups, pray and talk with the children’s leaders at your church about starting GA, RA, or CA. Download a free starter pack at
  • Pray for your kindergartners as they promote to the children’s missions groups. Pray for God’s continued work in their lives as they learn of God’s love for all people of the world.



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