Others in My Community

Birmingham Alabama

Last week I looked out across the city of Birmingham from the tower that is the base of the Vulcan statue, which is the symbol for the city and reflects Birmingham’s background in the iron and steel industry. The statue is at the top of Red Mountain. From the tower you can look out over the city in the valley below to see the hospitals, churches, synagogue, university buildings, airport, homes, roads, schools, and the tall buildings of downtown. You also see the trees and rolling mountains on all sides. It is a wonderful view of this community at the southern end of the Appalachians.

During July we focus on the Christian concept area of community in Mission Friends. In talking with preschoolers about community, this relates to the people who live near me in my town or neighborhood. As we talk about the Hmong people in Southeast Asia, we will focus on the strong communities they develop.

Each village in which the Rhodes (name changed) family serves has a strong sense of community. The relationships and connections within the community are strong. The Rhodes seek to develop relationships within these communities in order to share the love of Christ.

Focus on the following truths during this month:

  • God loves all people.
  • God wants people to work together.
  • All people are important to God.
  • People in my community do different things.
  • I can show respect to all people.

As you choose activities from Mission Friends Leader through the month, say the above sentences to preschoolers. Talk about the communities in which the Rhodes work, and talk about your own community. The Bible thoughts suggested in each session are related to the concept area of Community. Repeat the Bible thoughts during activities and at Group Time. Include In My Community and I Can Help Others in the books area for your preschoolers to learn more about this concept area.

As I looked at the view of my community, I was reminded of the people who live and work in the homes, hospitals, schools, and other buildings. Think of the people within your community. Let’s seek to express to our preschoolers that God loves each person in our community and wants us to share His love with others in our community.


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