Others in the World

children of the world

“You mean they don’t have a church to go to?” One of our preschoolers asked this question as we talked about the special workers during the recent Mission Friends unit on North Africa and the Middle East. Though this is often the case that we tell of people who don’t have a church nearby, even in places within North America, this preschooler was just starting to think about the fact that others may not have a church to attend.

As preschoolers grow in their understanding of God, Jesus, and the Bible, we also want them to begin to understand things about others. We want preschoolers to learn that each person is important to God. Each person can do different things. Other people are alike in some ways and different in some ways. I can help others, and I can show God’s love to others.

In teaching preschoolers about others, there are 2 Christian concept areas related to “others.” Community relates to people who live near me, such as in my neighborhood or town. We might talk about others who help in the community, and how missionaries share in their community. World relates to people who live far away from me. For the concept area of World, preschoolers learn that God loves people in all places around the world. People in other cultures might be different from me, but God wants all people to know about Him and Jesus. Even though people may live far away from me, I can pray for people in different places around the world.

In focusing on the Christian concept area of World during June, focus on the following truths.

  • People around the world are important to God.

  • God wants all people in the world to know about Jesus.

  • Missionaries tell people in the world about Jesus.

  • I can pray for people in other places in the world.

Use the above statements in your conversations with preschoolers during this month. Say the Bible thoughts listed in Mission Friends Leader for each session as these relate to others and world. Review the progression of what preschoolers can understand about the concept area of World on the Christian Concept Area Chart in Mission Friends Guide for Leaders, page 45. Two downloadable books, Around the World and I Can Help Others, are great to place in your Books area throughout June as you focus on the concept area of World.

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