Praying for Child #14

praying for a child

I don’t know her name, but I have prayed for child #14 since the beginning of this school year. At that time, a friend from my church, who teaches Kindergarten in public school, posted on Facebook to ask friends to cover her class of 19 children in prayer through the year. If you committed to pray for a child, you were to leave a comment with the number from 1 to 19 of the child for whom you would pray. She could not give the children’s names, but could let you know if the child is a boy or girl. I responded to pray for #14 because that would be easy to remember since it is my birthdate. The only thing I know is that #14 is a girl.

At first it seemed a little odd to pray for a number instead of a name. Then God reminded me that He knows her name, and He knows her every need. As I pray for her, I liken it to praying for the missionaries on the Prayer Calendar in Missions Mosaic every day on their birthday, as many are listed by their initials rather than their full name because of security issues. Even though I don’t know her name, God knows this child that I am lifting up in prayer. He knows her needs far greater than any person.

As I prayed for #14 throughout the year, I concentrated on praying for characteristics that she would gain. I prayed that she would be able to focus on what they were studying that day, that she would have friends and be a friend to others. I prayed that she would listen, be respectful, and grow in knowledge. I prayed that God would protect her from being bullied, and that she would not be a bully to others. Some days I prayed for her family. Many times I prayed that she would see Christ in her teacher.

With the school year coming to a close, I hope that my prayers have made a difference in this child’s life through this year. I have found it a special privilege to pray for a child on a consistent basis like this. I am thankful to my friend for asking us to pray. You might think of doing something similar for the preschoolers in your Mission Friends. Is there a Women on Mission group in your church that you could ask to pray for each preschooler by name? Or you might ask a young adult Bible study class to commit to pray for your preschoolers. There may be a homebound person from your church who would be honored to pray for your Mission Friends class as a whole. What a blessing it would be for each preschooler to be covered in prayer, and a blessing to those who pray for your little ones to grow to know God through Mission Friends.

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