Tell Preschoolers About God

  • God loves me.
  • God loves all people.
  • God wants me to love and help others.
  • God wants me to tell others about Him.

These simple concepts are basic spiritual truths we want preschoolers to learn in Mission Friends. As we focus on the Christian concept area of God this month, the above concepts are taught through the activities and stories in Mission Friends. Throughout this month, be mindful to repeat these concepts with your preschoolers.

  • Read what you will emphasize about the concept area in the Outcomes on each session activities page.
  • Babies, ones, and twos will learn that they are special to God. Use the preschooler’s name as you say, “God loves ______ .”
  • Help threes, fours, and kindergartners know that God wants us to help others.
  • Point out ways Mr. and Mrs. Field help others and share God’s love with others, such as through the children’s camp at Graffiti Church.
  • Relate these concepts about God to the activities of preschoolers. For example, say, “God wants us to help others,” while packing snack bags for a local food bank.
  • As you do a Helping Others activity this month, use the Bible thought, Help one another (see Gal. 5:13).
  • Use the downloadable book Tell Me About God to reinforce these concepts about God as you read the book to preschoolers.
  • Sing songs about God, such as “God Loves Us,” Sing to the Tune, page 11. Sing this at Group Time or during activities.
  • Display the poster about God from the Mission Friends Promotion Pack in your classroom as a reminder to say the Bible thoughts listed on the poster.
  • As preschoolers are involved in activities, talk about how the Fields tell people about God.
  • Help preschoolers know that God loves all people, but some people do not know about God’s love.
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