Learning about Missions

Long ago, Annie Armstrong spoke of the importance of study of the missions field. What the first corresponding secretary of WMU called “study of the mission field” we would now say, “learning about missions.” She identified this as the driving force between studying God’s Word and how much we pray and give. During this month of the North American Missions Emphasis, it is good for us to consider Annie Armstrong’s insights as we encourage preschoolers to pray for and give to missions. They first need to learn about missions before they can then pray and give.

It is good to consider Annie Armstrong’s insights as we encourage preschoolers to pray for and give to missions.

These are among the reasons why we offer ongoing missions education through Mission Friends. We want preschoolers to learn about missions, and when they learn it will lead them to pray and give to missions. In learning about missions, our preschoolers come to know about missionaries and the people they tell about Jesus. In Mission Friends there is actually a plan so preschoolers will learn about missions in each of the regions of the world and within North America. Preschoolers develop a well-rounded view of missions work. They learn what missionaries do to share the gospel, and they learn that in all of these places there are people who need to know that Jesus loves them. Preschoolers hear stories about people who help others, show love to others, and tell others about Jesus.

Because they are learning about missions, preschoolers can be guided to respond by praying and giving to missions. Last month as we learned about Gena Wilson and her missions work in Scotland, one of my Mission Friends prayed, “God, Help Miss Wilson to be kind.” This preschooler would not have said that prayer if she had not heard the stories of how Miss Wilson was kind to others. As we used the Bible thought, Be kind to each other (see Eph. 4:32), the preschooler made a link between God’s Word and the mission story. She expressed this link through her prayer.

During this month, we will encourage our preschoolers to pray for missionaries in North America. We will encourage them to give to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. Let us remember Annie Armstrong’s understanding of the importance of learning about missions as the key to responding through praying and giving.

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