Let’s Learn About . . . The Christian Concept Areas

Let's Learn About . . .

The Christian concept areas are the building blocks of faith development for preschoolers. Each weekly session includes one learning outcome based on the work of the missionaries and one learning outcome based on the concept area being featured that month. How are you incorporating the Christian concept areas into your Mission Friends® sessions?

The book Let’s Learn About . . . by Angie Quantrell is an excellent resource for helping your preschoolers learn about how specific facets of Christianity apply to their lives. In this book, Molly and Mikey explore the concept areas with their teacher, Miss Goodwin. Here are a few suggestions for using Let’s Learn About . . . during your Mission Friends sessions:

  • Each month, during your first session read about the month’s Christian concept area as an introduction before your begin your group time story.

  • Bookmark the section about the featured Christian concept area and place the book in your Books area. As preschoolers find the book and the bookmark, picture-read that section.

  • Invite your preschoolers to look at the pictures and predict what they think the pages will be about.

  • Guide your preschoolers to create their own books about the Christian concept areas. Using the 9 areas, preschoolers could create 1 page each month. You can present the book to preschoolers’ families at your Mission Friends recognition service.

  • Encourage preschoolers to use the book to help them draw pictures or build structures that illustrate the Christian concept areas. As they draw or build, draw them into conversation about the concept areas.

  • Incorporate the Bible thoughts from each session into your discussion about Let’s Learn About . . . The Bible thoughts each month correspond to the Christian concept area being highlighted. A full list of Bible thoughts is available on the Free Downloads section of wmu.com/preschool.

  • A full listing of the Christian concept areas and the truths that preschoolers should learn at each stage of development is included in the Mission Friends Guide for Leaders. Familiarize yourself with the truths your preschoolers should know, and use your reading of Let’s Learn About . . . as a springboard for discussion. Ask questions about what they already know and what they would like to know. Be intentional in looking for ways to share these truths with them as they play in each interest area and during group time.

As you focus on the Christian concept areas, you play an instrumental role in the spiritual growth of your preschoolers. Do you have other suggestions for helping preschoolers grow in their faith development?

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