Lunches to Go

Making Lunch

Our guest blogger, Melita Thomas, shares about a Helping Others activity in which her kindergartners take part. We love how she involves her kindergartners in a ministry of her church to those in their community. Melita is an editor at LifeWay Christian Resources and serves as a writer for Mission Friends materials.

Each year my church partners with a local homeless shelter and a rotating network of churches to provide overnight housing to homeless men. Every Sunday night during the winter months, my church provides homeless men a place to sleep, shower, and launder clothes as well as receive dinner, breakfast, and a sack lunch. Adult Sunday School classes typically serve as hosts for meals, Bible study, and fellowship with our guests.

Several years ago my kindergarten class decided to get involved, too, by providing lunches to-go. Families sign up for one item to bring (bottled water, sandwich bread, deli meat, soft fruits, individually packaged desserts, etc.). Parents are encouraged to shop together with their children and let their children pick out what they’d like to bring. On the designated Sunday, class time is set aside for kindergartners to assemble sandwiches and pack the lunches. The children are always excited to get to “make lunch” all by themselves and to learn about and pray for the men who will get to eat it.

Preschoolers and kindergartners don’t have to wait until they are older to show God’s love to others. There are tons of things they can do RIGHT NOW! It’s never too early to give boys and girls the opportunity to serve others.

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