Ministering to the Medical Community

Getting ready to share cupcakes

Christine Andrews* serves as a nurse at a refugee camp in the Middle East. There, she offers hope and healing to hurting people. Those in the medical profession pour out their lives for people who are sick and in pain. While this is their calling, don't you imagine that they would appreciate an act of kindness or word of encouragement for the good work they are doing in their communities?

What can your church do to minister to those who minister so selflessly to others? Use these suggestions as a springboard for going on mission to your local medical community:

  1. Pack a care basket and take it to a nursing station on one floor of your local hospital. Include healthy treats like granola bars and fruit.
  2. Bake cupcakes or cookies to share.
  3. Make handmade thank-you notes with Bible thoughts such as Jesus said, "You are my friends" (see John 15:14).
  4. Work with other groups in your church to provide lunch to the nurses or staff of a doctor's office.
  5. Sing to them! People often take their children to sing to residents of skilled care facilities. Why not take your children to sing to the staff? (NOTE: Be sure to make an appointment.)
  6. Make booklets with Bible verses of encouragement. Have your preschoolers decorate the pages. Copy the pages, staple them into a construction-paper cover, and share them with nurses or give them to EMTs to place in their ambulances.
  7. Write notes telling hospital staff that you are praying for them.
  8. Cook dinner for the family of a medical professional who lives in your neighborhood.
  9. Invite a medical resident or intern to eat dinner or spend a holiday with your family.
  10. Enlist Sunday School classes or small groups in your church to pray for certain medical personnel within your community.

Does your church already minister to your medical community? Do you have additional suggestions for ministering to the medical community? Please share your thoughts with us on Facebook!

*Name changed

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