Mission Friends and the Holidays

So, what does your December schedule look like? If you are like most Mission Friends leaders, you are probably looking at a church calendar with at least two fewer Mission Friends sessions than usual. There are many ways to get creative in completing your Mission Friends unit and the International Mission Study in the month of December.

  • Read through all of the sessions prior to December 2 and choose which sessions will best fit your preschoolers’ needs.
  • When planning a Christmas party for your preschoolers, include a session about missions during the party.
  • Schedule a Parents’ Night Out during December, and use the International Mission Study 2015 Preschool Teaching Guide as an activity guide for the evening.
  • Send notes or cards to your preschoolers on the weeks that you do not have Mission Friends sessions. Include some information from the session in your note. For example: Dear ______, I will miss seeing you this week. I will be praying for you. Remember to pray for Mr. and Mrs. Talley and their helpers as they prayerwalk in Indonesia.”
  • Ask your church leadership to schedule a coordinated International Mission Study on a Friday evening or Saturday morning. As parents are learning about missions in Indonesia, teach preschoolers using session materials from Mission Friends Leader or the International Mission Study 2015 Preschool Teaching Guide.
  • Plan a “We Love Lottie” event. Share information about Lottie Moon’s life using “All About Lottie Moon” or The Lottie and Annie Upside-Down Book. During this event, share information about missions in Indonesia and encourage giving to missions.

You Mission Friends leaders are some of the world’s most creative and talented people. With a little inventiveness and planning, your preschoolers can gain a greater depth of knowledge and understanding about missions in Indonesia and the importance of giving to missions throughout the world.

I pray that you enjoy every moment with your Mission Friends this season!

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