Mission Friends Leadership Certificate

Would you like to shape your leadership skills as a Mission Friends® teacher? Taking the online training courses that make up the new Mission Friends Leadership Certificate will help you sharpen your leadership skills. The following courses are included in the Leadership Certificate offered by WMU® through Develop online training. When you purchase 4 of the courses, you can get your 5th course free!

  • Leading Mission Friends—Explore the purpose of Mission Friends, the main teaching components, resources, planning, and teaching through activities and Group Time.

  • Uniquely Designed: Preschoolers—Take a look at the unique characteristics of preschoolers and how they grow physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

  • How Preschoolers Learn—Discover the 4 learning styles of preschoolers and the ways preschoolers learn. Consider how to encourage preschoolers to learn about God and missions.

  • Beyond the Basics: Mission Friends—Learn of ways to customize Mission Friends, involve families, mentor new leaders, and engage preschoolers in project learning.

  • Why Missions Education?—Learn about the biblical basis of missions that threads through Scripture and why missions education is important in the church today.

Each course is self-paced, which means you can view the videos or PowerPoint presentations and do the assignments whenever you like. You could even take the courses in your jammies! Most people who have taken the preschool courses have taken a total of 3–5 hours to complete a course. Each participant has 30 days in which to complete a course, and that length of time can be extended if needed.

The courses involve viewing videos and PowerPoint presentations, reading handouts, and doing interactive assignments. As the preschool consultant, the part I most enjoy about the courses is the interaction that I have with participants. As they complete assignments, I give feedback and we communicate back and forth. These conversations have been quite a blessing to me.

I encourage you to try out a course or make it a goal to work towards receiving the Mission Friends Leadership Certificate by taking all 5 courses this year. You will receive a beautifully printed certificate that your church could present to you, or you could frame the certificate to place in your Mission Friends classroom. One of the participants said that having taken a course, she is equipped “to better shepherd our kids and enhance their learning experience and understanding of missions.”

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