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My Mission Friends had the most fun making self-portraits on paper plates as suggested in Mission Friends Leader  for last week. We also drew around each preschooler’s hands on a piece of paper and asked them to decorate their hands. As our preschoolers drew and colored, we talked about things we do with our hands and how God made each of us different. After Ashlyn finished drawing, she said, “Now I’ll put them together.” She put her paper plate face on the table and placed the paper hands below the plate. Then she smiled a big smile and held her own hands right below her face as if she were saying, “Ta Da! Here I am!”

For my years of teaching preschoolers, I always like the units in which we teach about the Christian concept area self. There are so many things for preschoolers to learn and so many fun ways of learning about themselves. No matter how many times I have recorded the weight and height of preschoolers, they never tire of doing that activity. Preschoolers love to see how they are growing and the things they can do now. As we teach them about the concept of self, we have opportunities to point them toward God who created each of us.

During this month as we focus on self as the Christian concept area, these are some of the things to concentrate on teaching our preschoolers.

  • God made each of us as a special person.

  • God planned for me to grow.

  • I can help others.

  • I can praise God.

As we teach about missions, we can help preschoolers know that God made and loves each person. People are different in some ways and alike in other ways, but God loves us all. God gave each of us different abilities, and we can use those abilities to show others God’s love. These are wonderful concepts for our preschoolers to learn as we intentionally teach them about the Christian concept area self. Use the downloadable preschool book Myself  to help you in teaching about this concept area. For an overview of the unique characteristics and development of preschoolers, consider taking the Develop course Uniquely Designed: Preschoolers. 

During this month, look at your preschoolers’ big smiles to see how much each enjoys learning about myself.

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