Hot Off the Press! A Resource for All Preschool Teachers!

First Steps in Missions, vol. 24

Wait, what? Is it a resource for Mission Friends?

Definitely! And it’s also for other preschool teachers! It’s called First Steps in Missions, and the 2018–19 edition, volume 24, has just been released.

Perhaps you already know that each year we publish this supplementary book of activities to go along with the 12 missions areas that will be found in Mission Friends Leader teaching guide. Or maybe you don’t know about it—sometimes we feel like it should win the prize for Most Valuable Best Kept Secret in Mission Friends!

In this one book, there are tons of ideas for all 12 units of study in Mission Friends, from September 2018 through August 2019. When you use it alongside the units in Mission Friends Leader, you will find many, many options for your preschoolers.

Packed inside are:

  • 3 additional activities for each activity area per unit. That’s 3 extra Art, 3 extra Blocks, 3 for Books, Homeliving, Music and Movement, Nature, and Puzzles and Manipulatives—per month. If you’re doing the math, that’s 21 extra activity ideas for each missions area!

  • An additional Helping Others activity idea per month

  • A project-based Missions Explorers idea for each month, for a learning experience that has a little different approach

  • Information about each missions area and the ministries happening there

  • An enlistment idea for each month

  • A bulletin board idea for each month

  • Pages of reproducible patterns, games, and time-savers to accompany each unit’s activities

But here’s something I like best about First Steps: Though the 12 units match the 12 units we will be studying in Mission Friends, and though the information is based on the same missionaries we meet through Mission Friends Leader, the information is presented a bit generically. What this means is that any preschool learning center, day care, child development center, homeschool mom, or Mother’s Day Out program that is interested in instilling missions values into preschoolers can comfortably incorporate this material into their daily or weekly programming, no matter their church or denomination.

In fact, I like that idea so much that I’m gifting some copies to the Mother’s Day Out teachers who care for the preschoolers in my family and neighborhood, even though the sponsoring churches are from different denominations. I love knowing that while these little ones are learning Bible stories and verses, that foundations of telling about Jesus and helping others can be part of their spiritual development, as well.

And here are two more contenders for Most Valuable Best Kept Secret in Mission Friends: First Steps in Missions, vol. 21 and vol. 22 are still available for a little while longer—and they are on sale!

Happy teaching!

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