New Church Year, New Preschoolers

Picture schedule

Most churches start their new church year in August or September, which includes promotion for the preschoolers’ and children’s classes. With the new church year, you may also have new preschoolers in Mission Friends®. Be ready for preschoolers who will promote into your class or start in Mission Friends for the first time!

  • If possible, find out who will promote into your Mission Friends class. Ask your church office to print a class roll for you.

  • Write out name tags for preschoolers beforehand, and prepare extras for new preschoolers who may attend.

  • Make copies of the Mission Friends Enrollment Form for parents to complete for their preschooler.

  • Be sure to find out if preschoolers have any allergies. This will have an effect on tasting activities or nature items you use with the preschoolers.

  • Over the first few weeks, take note of the skill level of the preschoolers who are now in your class. Find out what they enjoy doing so you can include those types of activities as you make choices from activity suggestions in Mission Friends Leader. Do you have preschoolers who gravitate to the Art or Homeliving area? Or do you have ones who would rather build with blocks or work puzzles?

  • Make a picture schedule to place on the wall of your class. Preschoolers like routines, and they like to know what will happen next. Make a poster that shows pictures of your Mission Friends time schedule such as activities in interest areas, clean-up time, and Group Time. If you regularly have a snack during Mission Friends, include a picture to represent snack time.

  • Play games to learn the preschoolers’ names, and help them to learn your name, too.

  • Get to know the families of preschoolers. View your role as a partner with parents as they seek to guide their preschooler to grow toward God.

  • Talk about the word missionary, and what it means to be a missionary. If preschoolers are new to Mission Friends, this will likely be a new word for them.

  • Become involved with preschoolers by sitting with them in activities, asking questions, and having conversations.

  • Enjoy being with your preschoolers in Mission Friends! Be reminded that you are leading them to know the basic spiritual concepts that God loves me, God loves all people, and God wants us to tell others of His love.

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