Oh, Those Babies, Ones, and Twos! Part 1


At no other time in life do people have more growth and development than during the years of infancy, 1, and 2. They grow from totally helpless infants who are dependent on others for all needs, to two-year-olds who run, laugh, talk, and play. How can we help them to grow toward God through missions learning at such a young age?

This week, we’ll talk about the youngest ones, and how we can guide babies in beginning to learn missions concepts. Throughout the first year, it seems that babies gain new skills almost every day. How can we use their new skills to guide them to learn of God and His love for all people?

  • Provide loving care as babies pick up the attitudes of caregivers. They will learn of God’s love from the example you set.

  • As you care for the physical needs of babies, use those times as teachable moments. Say a sentence thank-you prayer when feeding a baby with a bottle. Place a picture from the Mission Friends Leader Picture Set on the wall above the changing table. Talk about the picture as you change a diaper.

  • Babies need repetition in order to incorporate actions or concepts. Repeat activities or words with babies. For example in this month, point to pictures of families as suggested in the plans for Babies, Ones, and Twos in Mission Friends Leader. Repeat this by pointing out family members in the pictures.

  • Say the Bible thoughts several times throughout the Mission Friends® sessions as a baby plays or as you hold a baby.

  • When a baby has floor time, place an object in front of him or within reach of the baby to encourage him to reach or crawl. For example, during this month place a baby doll within reach as you tell babies that God wants us to love others.

  • Sing a song from Sing to the Tune as you hold a baby. Help older babies to clap as you sing.

  • Look at one of the downloadable “Missions and Me” books as you rock a baby. Print the book pages front and back, and then laminate them or place the pages in plastic page protectors to easily wipe off.

  • Duplicate For Babies, Ones, and Twos from the inside back cover of Mission Friends at Home. Place these in babies’ diaper bags each quarter to give to parents.

  • Know that you are setting spiritual foundations for babies as you teach them by example that God loves and cares for me. As they come to know that they can trust in you to care for their needs, this sets the stage for them to place their trust in God later in their life. What an important role you play in the growth of the babies in your care!

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