Oh, Those Babies, Ones, and Twos! Part 3

Terrific Twos

I think they should be known as Terrific Twos! If you teach two-year-olds, you know how terrific they can be, as well as what a challenge they can be. During this year, twos really move out of the baby stage of life as they grow in so many ways. Twos begin to do many things for themselves, but may still be like a baby at times. The word mine can be heard over and over, which is the result of their growing independence. They begin to speak in sentences and ask questions. Twos gain in the use of the small muscles of their hands as they hold crayons or pound play dough. We can guide them to learn about missions as they use their new skills as two-year-olds.

  • Say the Bible thoughts often. Relate Bible thoughts to activities. As twos look at nature items in a box, tell them: The Bible tell us, Look at the wonderful things God made (see Job 37:14).

  • Tell a short summary of the Group Time story as twos look at a picture from the Mission Friends Leader Picture Set. For example, during April say: Mrs. White told the people in Guatemala that God made the sun, moon, plants, animals, and people.

  • Provide opportunities to use their hand muscles by stacking large blocks, nesting toys or measuring cups, using crayons, and working simple puzzles.

  • Provide simple props to encourage twos in creative dramatic play, such as a piece of bright cloth, toy phone, scarves, or baby dolls.

  • Listen to their questions and answer in a way they can understand. Encourage twos to experiment and find out for themselves by saying: What would happen if . . .

  • Use activities that encourage twos to learn about missions through their 5 senses. Hearing sounds, songs, and stories. Touching objects. Seeing pictures and books about the missions areas and missionaries.

  • Give guidance as twos begin playing alongside other preschoolers.

  • Know their capabilities so you can allow twos to do as much as they can for themselves. Their independence is increasing, but they may still need help at times.

  • Say simple prayers to help twos learn to talk to God. Give thanks to God, and say sentence prayers for the missionaries. Picture-read Always Remember to Pray, looking at a few pages at a time.

  • Express to your twos that God loves them and God loves all people. As you express love to two-year-olds, they develop a sense of love and trust. This guides them to grow spiritually as they come to sense that God loves us and we can trust in Him.

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