Picture Set Ideas and Activities

What can I do with the Mission Friends Leader Picture Set after we have completed a unit of study? Check out these fun ways to extend the usefulness of this resource and to help your Mission Friends® revisit the missionaries they have already met:

  • Make puzzles. After the unit of study is over, cut each picture into 5 or 6 pieces. Place each picture puzzle in a ziplock plastic bag. Keep the puzzles in the Games and Manipulatives area of your room. Use these puzzles for early arrivers, or for preschoolers who are waiting after class for their parents to arrive.
  • Make a picture booklet. Fold the left flap with the questions on it so the flap is on the back side of the picture. Use transparent tape to secure the flap to the back of the picture. Laminate each picture. Punch two holes at the top left and right of each picture, and use metal rings to bind them. As you flip through the booklet, have preschoolers tell a story about each picture. Or, use the booklet at the end of the quarter to review.
  • Make a flap book. Cover each picture using a piece of fabric. Attach the fabric to the top of the picture by folding and taping the fabric about a half inch over the top on the back of the picture. Place these in various places throughout the room. When a child discovers a picture, talk to him about it. (You can also cover certain items on the picture with a flap. When a child lifts the flap, say: What is that or who is that?
  • Make a scrapbook. Place each picture in a clear plastic sheet protector or laminate. Put the pictures in a large notebook or folder. Keep in the classroom or place in your church media center to share with others what preschoolers have learned throughout the year.
  • Make a Missionary Hall of Fame. Keep the pictures posted in a special area of the classroom as a reminder for preschoolers about missionaries and missions areas they have studied. Encourage them to continue to pray for these missionaries, or the people with whom the missionaries work.

Do you have a other ideas for using the picture set? We would love for you to post your ideas on Facebook!

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