Meet Angie Quantrell!

Angie and her grandchildren

I like to tell people we live in a horse pasture. This is technically true. But the horses have moved on and we don’t share space with any large farm animals, just cats, birds, bugs, and the occasional skunk. My husband, Kevin, and I sold our home last summer and moved into an RV trailer. Our son and daughter-in-law graciously invited us to park in their pasture. RV living is an adventure. We are learning so many new things! We plan to live in the RV for a few years while we research and build a small home. Until then, RV life it is.

Pastor Kevin is my honey. We’ve been married for 32 years. We have 2 adult children, Taylor (married to Jamie) and Chelsie (married to Collin). These fantastic children have turned us into grands, 5 times over. Mabel and Monet, feline fur babies, live and shed fur in the RV with us. There is usually at least 1 cat on my desk, aka RV dining table. Mabel especially loves to spread long and wide across my papers, notebook, and computer. Sometimes I wonder if any of her mistakes make it back to the team in Birmingham. I try to erase and correct all kitty help, but maybe something sneaks through? I hope not.

I was introduced to Mission Friends® a very long time ago when our children were preschoolers. Our pastor suggested I use Mission Friends curriculum. I fell in love with Mission Friends. We had so much fun learning about missionaries and their work. Each week we played games, created, learned, tasted, sang, read, prayed, and gave an offering. Oh, the great times we enjoyed!

I loved Mission Friends activities and stories. One day I thought, these are great lesson plans. I learned to write lesson plans in college. I would love to write Mission Friends activities.

What did I do? I dug out the semi-manual typewriter and wrote a letter introducing myself to Rhonda Reeves, the editor for Mission Friends at the time. And I waited. Just when I about gave up dreaming about writing Mission Friends activities, I received a letter in the mail inviting me to write for Mission Friends! Our daughter, Chelsie, was 3-years-old. She is now 27-years-old. That’s how I remember how long I’ve been writing for Mission Friends. Twenty-four years later, I am still in love with preschoolers and Mission Friends. Preschoolers are just so much fun!

My heart gets excited each summer when writing assignments arrive in my email inbox. I’m happy to say I still love preschoolers, though I am a bit slower in keeping up with them than I used to be. I am humbled to look back and see where God has led me to write and the wonderful team I’ve been blessed to work with. Thank You, Jesus!

Back to preschoolers! I began writing for Mission Friends when my babies were preschoolers. Now my babies are adults and have babies of their own. I am a nana! I love preschoolers even more now than I did then. We have so many adventures. Let me introduce you to them: Hayden (8), Khloe (6), Donavyn (4), Gage (2), and Autumn (1). Ta-da! They bring joy to Nana’s heart and a spring to her steps. Much of what I post on Facebook is grand-related. Let’s be friends and share our families!

My office? Part dining room, living room, office, family room, kitchen, and TV room. I work at the table (the only table) in the RV. Space is always an issue, so I add a TV tray to hold the resources I refer to and spread papers and charts along the bench, table, and books. My feet tangle with the cat water dish and I have to be careful to not drop papers into the food or water. It really is quite a mess! That’s why Mabel loves to help me.

Thank you for loving preschoolers, teaching them about missions, and showing them how to love Jesus and others! You are such a gift to those precious little ones. Thank you for praying, giving, and going.

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