Using the Bible and Bible Thoughts with Preschoolers

Finish this statement: Jesus loves me! this I know, For the __________. “Jesus Loves Me” is one of the most beloved children’s songs about Jesus. It tells of Jesus’ love and how we find assurance of His love in the Bible. This truth, along with the fact that God loves everyone and wants all people to know Him, is the heart of what we want preschoolers to learn about God. We can teach these and many other truths about God with Bible thoughts.

Bible thoughts are shorter, simplified versions of scripture verses. Bible thoughts have one main point. For example, we might use the Bible thought Jesus loves you (see John 15:12) instead of My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you (John 15:12) to teach the concept “Jesus loves you.” If we want to reinforce the idea that a missionary is helpful, we might use the Bible thought, Help one another (see Gal. 5:13).

Bible thoughts in Mission Friends curriculum are divided into nine concept areas: Bible, Church, Family, God, Jesus, God’s Creation, Community/World, and Self. These concept areas embody the experience of a preschool child. The Bible thoughts within each concept area teach ideas about God that are relevant to a preschooler’s life.

So, why use Bible thoughts instead of the actual verse? While some preschoolers can memorize longer Bible verses, Bible thoughts that children can comprehend and easily repeat help their understanding of God’s love and care in the present.

As we use Bible thoughts with preschoolers, we want to make the connection that the Bible is God’s Word. We always need to use the Bible thought with the Bible. To do this, determine the concept and Bible thought you want to teach. Print the Bible thought on a strip of paper and place it in the Bible according to the scripture reference.  Read or help the older preschooler read the Bible thought.

As you consistently use the Bible and Bible thoughts with preschoolers, they begin to grasp God’s will for their lives and how much He loves them.

By Stacy Nail

“Jesus Loves Me,” words by Anna B. Warner, music by William B. Bradbury. Public Domain

John 15:12 taken from the New International Version of the Bible, 2011



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