A Word About WorldCrafts

During the month of May preschoolers will learn about WorldCrafts and its impact on families and communities both in the United States and around the world. WorldCrafts is the fair trade ministry of national WMU.

We are so excited about this special unit, and we know you will be, too. As you teach, you will probably notice that the activities and group times contain wording you would not normally see in a preschool unit. We know that terms like “the Father” and “the Word” are abstract and symbolic. While we typically use more literal words in Mission Friends resources, these terms are used intentionally within this unit to protect the security of WorldCrafts’ artisan representatives.

Mission Friends teachers are the most creative people in the world. Feel free to use your creativity and your imagination to engage your preschoolers’ minds and hearts for this work that is bringing hope to the hopeless.

Now, having said that, let us give you a little background about WorldCrafts.

This ministry all began with an American woman living in Thailand who wanted to reach out to those around her. She wanted to form relationships within her community so she began to pray. As she saw the great poverty around her, she knew she needed to create a business to help women earn money for their families. To begin the business, she offered to teach the women how to sew. She invited them into her home, and they began crafting Christmas ornaments. As the women sewed together, she shared the message of Eternal Hope with them.

Over time, the founder of this business started selling the ornaments, and the women realized they could earn a living wage, enabling them to care for their families.

In the early 1990s, the American woman in Thailand asked WMU to help her sell the products the artisans were creating. WMU began selling the products made by the artisan group, Thai Country Trim, and in 1996 WorldCrafts became the fairtrade division of WMU.

Now, WorldCrafts partners with more than 50 artisan groups in approximately 25 countries. Through their partnerships with WorldCrafts, women and men throughout the world and in the United States are now able to support their families. Children receive the medical care and educations they need. Women are being delivered from human trafficking. Families are able to stay together as men no longer have to travel long distances to find work. Most importantly, each artisan is presented with words of hope and faith.

Your involvement with WorldCrafts can go far beyond this unit. Visit WorldCrafts.org to learn how you can continue to support these artisans by purchasing their beautiful handcrafted products. At worldCrafts.org/share, you can discover how to pray for the artisans, share their work with your church, and hold benefits that not only support the artisans, but also other ministries like Baptist Children’s Homes and Christian Job Corp sites.

We are praying for you as you share WorldCrafts with your little ones. As you teach, you are joining this ministry in its transformative work around the world!


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