Recycling Resources

reusing materials

Do you subscribe to the Mission Friends Leader Kit and Mission Friends Leader Picture Set or the Mission Friends Resource Kit and Pictures? Have you ever thought about recycling these resources after you have finished teaching each unit?

Picture set pictures could become puzzles in a unit about a similar ministry or missions area. Resource kit items, especially books, posters, stand-up figures, and teaching pictures are adaptable to other units. And, both provide pictures that could be cut out for use in activities calling for magazine pictures.

So, grab some boxes, folders, envelopes, or ziplock plastic bags, and pieces of poster board for dividers. Try these suggestions for categories to file the pictures and kit items so that you can easily find and reuse them:

Group Picture Set pictures by categories such as:

  • animals
  • children
  • churches
  • cities
  • families
  • foods
  • houses
  • ministries (construction, food pantry, meals, VBS, etc.)
  • people
  • scenery or nature
  • transportation

Resource Kit items can be categorized several ways:

  • animals
  • Bible-thought activities
  • booklets
  • foods (subcategories: breads, fruits, grains, meat, nuts, vegetables)
  • games (subcategories: board games, card games, matching games, mazes, etc.)
  • languages
  • missions areas (countries, states, or topics)
  • paper dolls
  • patterns
  • posters
  • puzzles
  • recipes
  • stand-up figures (subcategories: animals, buildings, people, transportation)
  • teaching pictures (could be placed with the picture set pictures by topic or in categories in this file)

Remember to include instructions for the resource kit items!

If you don’t already subscribe to these resources, check out what you are missing! Go to Mission Friends Essentials on to learn more about these resources that open a window to the world of missions!

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